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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

When recruiting members of your team, any ‘tools’ you can use to minimise the risk of choosing the wrong candidate must benefit your business.

We are keen advocates of the use of professionally administered psychometric assessments within the talent selection process.

Glencourt have partnered with Piers Courage-Jones of Talentpraxis to provide you with a range of three comprehensive psychometric reports on your candidates. Piers is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist with more than 24 years’ experience, during which time he has assessed more than 23,000 people.

Most importantly, after preparing his report, he will personally call you to discuss the strengths of the candidates, and any potential risks of employing them. This personal input from such a well-known professional is ‘worth its weight in gold’. He will also provide you with some “Competency Based” questions to ask at your interviews so you can further explore any potential risks.